In Innogroup Consulting, we offer support and advice for SMEs and investors who are interested in opening markets and development projects mainly in Spain and Colombia, through services aimed at facilitating the design and implementation of its internationalization strategy.

Our offices in Madrid and Bogota have highly qualified professionals with experience in various fields and different areas, allowing the company and / or investor customized solutions for the internationalization of their products and services in these markets.

  • Internalization Outsourcing. The opening of new markets and the international expansion of the company is an important and necessary step that must be studied to obtain the most benefits. A deep knowledge of the industry or industries in which you invest, the way we do business, how to participate in tenders, among others, reduces the risk of the investment.

  • Term. Identifying opportunities, penetration strategy design, searching for partners, and market research are activities that require time and company resources are limited. We work for companies to focus their efforts on real know-how.

  • Information. The lack of information of public support, excessive bureaucratic processes and the various foreign regulations are some common causes for project failure.

  • Location. We have offices in Bogotá and Madrid. Hiring a consultant in situ, with experience in the target market will allow you to achieve the expected results the shortest possible time.

  • Partnerships. We have partnerships with Spanish and Colombian private and public entities that expand the availability of resources to support various business initiatives and promote the development and growth of the portfolio of services of your company.

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